Box truck bursts into flames after being hit by car

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“On Monday afternoon, Minnesota Department of Transportation cameras captured footage of a collision between a white sedan and a box truck that ended with the truck bursting into flames and nearly going over the overpass railing.

A vehicle attempting to merge onto collided with the side of the box truck around 2:30 p.m. on Highway 10 in Blaine.

Video shows, the car then spins out as the box truck drives right into the overpass guardrail, exploding in a blaze.

Everyone involved sustained non-life-threatening injuries, according to state troopers.”

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The video is shocking to watch. The driver of the box truck endured the impact of the car, the engine catching on fire, and nearly falling off the bridge. If it weren’t for the guard rail this story would probably have a tragic ending. It should come as no surprise that the driver of the car who caused the accident showed signs of impairment.

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