Pickup truck driver collides with RV causing injuries mother and daughter

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“A North County mother of four is hospitalized after the driver of a pickup truck collided with the RV she was driving on July 15.

Michelle Plaketta said her four children and the family dog were inside the RV at the time of the collision in Anza on California Highway 371 at the intersection of Kirby Road.

Her 17-year-old daughter and the family dog were ejected from the RV when the vehicle broadsided the pickup truck and rolled over. Her daughter and the dog were napping in the bed over the cab when the crash happened.

The girl was treated for bruising and abrasions and then released from the hospital, Plaketta said.

“She has a broken toe and just really bad road rash from her shoulders all the way down past her waist,” Plaketta said.

The other three children in the RV suffered minor injuries. Plaketta said the driver of the pickup pulled out from a stop sign and attempted to turn left in front of the RV when the collision occurred.”

Read more on the accident here.

Anyone who has driven a large vehicle such as an RV knows how difficult they are to stop in an abrupt manner. It appears that this pick up truck driver did not properly yield the right of way which also resulted in killing of the family’s dog. Fortunately, everyone else inside the RV did not suffer serious injuries.

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