The most important thing to understand if you have been injured is that you can have an attorney review your case without cost or obligation.

Whether you were hurt in a car accident, work-related accident or you have sustained any other type of injury, you can have your case reviewed free of charge and without any obligation to move forward.

Whether you feel another party may be fully or even partially negligent for your injury, talk to a lawyer today. If you decide to move forward with a case, there are no up-front costs; the firm is paid a percentage of any recovery we make on your behalf.

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RV, Boat & 4 Wheeler Injury Lawyer St. Paul, MN

Being involved in any type of transportation accident can be terrifying and come with expensive medical bills. The personal injury lawyers at Krug & Zupke have helped accident victims throughout St. Paul, MN for more than 30 years. If you have been injured in a RV, boat or 4 Wheeler accidents due to someone else’s negligence, you can be entitled to compensation for medical bills and more.

Vehicle accidents often cause extensive head or neck injuries which can result in expensive medical bills and ongoing care and rehabilitation. We will have a medical expert thoroughly examine your case and ensure you receive the best outcome possible.

The boat accident lawyers at our firm will aggressively fight for you. An accident of this nature can be life changing. You could lose your job due to your injuries or the need for rehabilitation. Minnesota law places boats, RVs and 4 Wheelers under the same laws as cars and trucks. If you operate these vehicles under the influence, you can face the same consequences as a drunk driver. Our RV lawyers will thoroughly examine the circumstances around your accident. We will interview witnesses, medical experts, and mechanics to gain a well-rounded picture of your accident. Let our attorneys fight for you.

Your Rights

When people are outdoors having fun, the last thing they want to think about is the possibility of a crash. But when ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and other motorized vehicles are used, they carry a lot of the same risks as a car or truck. In fact, because of those risks, Minnesota law requires protective equipment for some of these activities and makes boating while intoxicated (BWI) just as illegal as driving drunk. Unfortunately, operators may ignore these requirements, and equipment is sometimes not up to safety standards. Either way, the result can be a serious injury caused by someone else’s bad decisions.

Krug & Zupke, P.C., represents clients who were seriously injured in accidents with recreational motor vehicles. Our Minnesota recreational vehicle accident attorneys handle cases of crashes caused by an operator’s or supervisor’s negligence, as well as lawsuits alleging serious safety defects in a vehicle, one of its parts or even the area where you used the vehicle. We have represented injured people since 1984, so we have decades of experience with the kinds of severe injuries and complex damages this can produce. To talk more about your case and its prospects, call our Minnesota injury law firm today at 651-645-7746 or send us a message online.

Minnesota Recreational Vehicle Crashes

We represent clients in RV accident cases such as:

These are all motorized vehicles, but they don’t generally come with the safety protections built into road-legal cars and trucks. For example, while cars must meet roof crush and rollover standards, ATVs have no such requirement. These motorized vehicles also generally do not have seatbelts or airbags, and safety equipment is often optional for adults 18 and over. And of course, they aren’t subject to licensing, education or age restrictions. However, they unfortunately still have the potential to cause wrongful death or catastrophic injury in the wrong circumstances.

Types of recreational vehicle injuries

As with passenger cars, you may be injured by the negligence of someone operating an ATV or other recreational motorized vehicle. Because these are operated off-road, with minimal safety regulation, some people don’t take their risks seriously. That means drivers may operate carelessly, break the rules or even operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you were the victim of this kind of negligence, you can hold the irresponsible operator liable with a Minnesota recreational vehicle injury lawsuit.

However, operators themselves can be put at risk by defective and substandard vehicles and equipment. For example, ATVs became notorious in the early 2000s for having an unreasonably high risk of rollover accidents. This is especially disturbing because ATVs are expressly intended for off-road use, meaning they will be operated on the kind of uneven terrain that is known to cause rollover crashes. Other vehicle defects could include faulty brakes, electrical wiring that can lead to a fire, placing a fuel tank in a rupture-prone area and more. On personal watercraft, dirt bikes and other motorcycle-like vehicles, throttles can get stuck, creating dangerous out-of-control speeding. Any manufacturer may fail to adequately warn about safety risks.

Finally, some accidents with recreational motor vehicles involve liability from someone in an overseeing role. This could include someone who knowingly opened an unsafe area for recreation; an adult responsible for supervising children; and other third parties.

Experienced Minneapolis recreational vehicle injury lawyers

Krug & Zupke, P.C., represents people around Minnesota who suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one because of an accident with a motorized recreational vehicle. Our office in St. Paul offers free, validated parking, and we offer free consultations to all potential clients.

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