The most important thing to understand if you have been injured is that you can have an attorney review your case without cost or obligation.

Whether you were hurt in a car accident, work-related accident or you have sustained any other type of injury, you can have your case reviewed free of charge and without any obligation to move forward.

Whether you feel another party may be fully or even partially negligent for your injury, talk to a lawyer today. If you decide to move forward with a case, there are no up-front costs; the firm is paid a percentage of any recovery we make on your behalf.

In other words, if we do not win, you pay nothing.

Make sure someone is looking out for YOUR best interest

When you have been injured, sometimes the injuries extend to more than just the physical pain. Sometimes the injuries change you and your loved ones so significantly that you feel as if you will never be the same. At the Saint Paul law office of Krug & Zupke, P.C., we know that injuries can affect your self-perception, your ability to perform in your career, and your personal relationships.

Sometimes the pain isn’t just physical

Many of our clients talk to us after they realize that they cannot pay their medical bills or that they can’t afford necessary care. As experienced lawyers, we take action for our clients. We tell their stories and help them get the compensation they need and deserve—compensation to make ends meet, to help aid recovery, and to compensate for the pain caused.

Our Saint Paul law firm has been helping injured people and their families for years. Our attorneys, Michel Krug and Steven Zupke, have more than 30 years of experience with personal injury law. Our clients have been involved in on-the-job accidents or car accidents. They have been injured by damaged, dangerous, or defective products. Many have lost a loved one or had a child injured. We tell their stories to the court, to make sure their voices are heard, getting them the compensation they deserve, and helping them move on with their lives.

We help individuals and families with a broad range of personal injury matters:

Because we know the seriousness of the pain involved and the problems that many families face in coping with personal injury, we take aggressive action to make sure that your story is heard. Contact Krug & Zupke, P.C., by calling 651-645-7746 for a free, confidential consultation.