The most important thing to understand if you have been injured is that you can have an attorney review your case without cost or obligation.

Whether you were hurt in a car accident, work-related accident or you have sustained any other type of injury, you can have your case reviewed free of charge and without any obligation to move forward.

Whether you feel another party may be fully or even partially negligent for your injury, talk to a lawyer today. If you decide to move forward with a case, there are no up-front costs; the firm is paid a percentage of any recovery we make on your behalf.

In other words, if we do not win, you pay nothing.

Children’s Injury Lawyer St. Paul, MN

There is nothing more terrifying and challenging than when your child is injured. It can be a scary and complicated time. If your child has been injured due to someone else’s negligence – hire a children’s injury lawyer at Krug & Zupke in St. Paul, MN. Our team has more than 30 years of experience handling cases just like yours. Let us help ease some of the stress during this time. We will interview witnesses if your child was involved in an accident and talk to medical professionals to fully understand the extent of your child’s injuries and the need for ongoing care.

We offer a free initial consultation to help answer the difficult questions you may have. Insurance companies often require a lot of paperwork and ask a lot of questions, you may be unsure how to answer effectively. Having an experienced personal injury attorney can help make sure you fully describe the accident. We will aggressively fight for you and your child.

There are a variety of cases where the injury to your child could have been prevented by a teacher, caretaker, or other caretakers. We understand how difficult this can be when someone you relied on to care for your child has let you down. Let us fight for you.

Has your child been injured in an auto accident?

If your child has been injured in an auto accident, it’s difficult to know what to do first. You may have already been contacted by the insurance company and you have questions about how to proceed. The experienced car accident lawyers at Krug & Zupke can help answer your questions in a free initial consultation. When children are injured, there are additional factors that add challenges to the already complex situation of working with the insurance company to get the compensation you deserve. Ensure that your child’s future is taken care and that you’re not settling for less than your child deserves.

Was your child injured while riding their bike?

If your child has been struck by negligently driven car, van or truck, call us, we can hold the negligent driver and his insurer responsible. Children are small, and hurried or inattentive drivers in residential areas make mistakes and can cause injuries. If your child has been injured while riding or walking a bicycle due to a negligent or drunk driver, call us and we can help.

Injuries at school, on the bus, at daycare facility

When their child has been injured because of a caretaker’s negligence or recklessness, parents are often angry. Many feel let down that the people they entrusted with their child’s care failed to live up to their responsibilities. Parents may worry about how an injury will affect their child’s future.

At the Saint Paul, Minnesota, law office of Krug & Zupke, P.C., we have more than 30 years of personal injury experience helping families take legal action for injuries to children, and you can count on us to advocate forcefully on your behalf.

We know that often the medical care for a child’s injury involves specialized treatments. This is especially true when children are young and cannot communicate their pain. We are parents and we understand the emotions families’ experience. Contact us to discuss your legal needs.

How we can help

Contact the child injury lawyers at Krug & Zupke, P.C., by calling 651-645-7746. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand Minnesota law, working with you to help your family move forward after your child has experienced an injury.