New data shows steep increase in motorcycle deaths in Minnesota

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“According to recent data, motorcycle riding is more deadly than ever before.

The team of analysts at QuoteWizard by Lendingtree, found that motorcycle fatalities have increased by 43% in Minnesota since 2019 – the 7th highest increase nationwide.

There were 5,579 motorcycle fatalities nationwide in 2020 – the highest number ever recorded. The rise in fatalities also seems to be getting worse. Preliminary estimates indicate motorcycle deaths will pass 6,000 a year once 2021 totals are tabulated.

The data found that motorcycle fatalities are heavily influenced by three factors: alcohol, climate and helmet use.

Warmer, southern states with weather conducive to riding have the highest rates of motorcycle fatalities. Mississippi is the most dangerous state for motorcycle riders.”

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The data presented in this article is even more alarming when specific facts are raised. 66 Motorcyclists were killed in 2020 which represents a 43% increase from the year prior. For every 10,000 registered motorcycle owners there are 3 deaths. Furthermore, helmet use has dropped nearly 10%.

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