Custody dispute leads to murder of child’s father

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“Hanna Knapke, 18, is now facing a murder charge in the death of Shea Briar.

According to court documents, Knapke loaned her car to be used in the murder and was there when it happened.

Court documents show Esther Stephen, 29, and Shelby Hiestand, 18, admitted to plotting and then killing Briar.

They allegedly drove him out to a bridge on County Road 125 W near County Road 850 N in Jay County. Stephen then distracted Briar while Hiestand got a rifle out of the car and shot Briar in the back.”

Read more on this incident here.

Such a senseless tragedy that has ultimately led to this child not having care from either parent. In child custody cases, tempers and emotions are understandably high. However, no matter how upsetting this situation is, physical harm to the other party is never acceptable. Even if it was believed they would get away with this crime, no consideration was given to the child in regards to having their father removed from their life forever.

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