Wrongful death lawsuit settled regarding Indianapolis police shooting

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“A wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of a man fatally shot while being chased by a police officer in Indianapolis has been settled for $390,000.

The settlement was reached Jan. 31, WRTV-TV reported Friday.

“This agreement should not be construed as an admission of any liability or wrongdoing,” stated the agreement, which the television station says was provided by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Filed in June 2020 by Demetree Wynn, the federal lawsuit named the city, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s chief and deputy chief, and the officer who shot Dreasjon Reed.

That lawsuit alleged the police department failed to adequately train, screen and supervise officers to prevent them from engaging in excessive or deadly force.”

Read more on this settlement here.

The interesting facet of this case is that it hinges on the training of police offers and not just the action of the officer who shot Mr. Reed. Oftentimes, it may be wiser to offer a settlement to the aggrieved party even if there is a chance of receiving a favorable verdict. Litigation can be costly and sometimes it makes sense financially to settle out of court.

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