Shark Tank star involved in fatal boating accident

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“Kevin O’Leary’s boat was involved in a crash in Ontario, Canada that left one man dead, and a woman critically injured … TMZ has learned.

The accident happened on Lake Joseph late Saturday, around 11:30 PM when a smaller boat — owned by O’Leary — rammed into a larger boat … going directly over its bow and striking a male passenger in the head, killing him instantly.

Sources connected to Kevin tell TMZ, the “Shark Tank” star says there is video that captures the area of the lake where the collision occurred, and he is looking to get the video enhanced to prove the navigation lights on the other boat were NOT on. Kevin believes this will exonerate his wife and him. However, sources connected to the other boat owner insist the navigation lights on that boat WERE on at the time of the collision.”

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Even in unusual tragic situations like these, it’s important that evidence and facts are presented as quickly as possible to avoid any legal repercussions. As you’ve read, it’s a matter of he said she said in regards to who was at fault. If there is such a video, it will certainly help determine which party is liable.

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