Divorces can be stressful but they shouldn’t be fatal

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“New York divorce lawyer extraordinaire Raoul Felder, who handled the celebrity splits of everybody from Rudy Giuliani to Christie Brinkley’s third husband, kept a pistol in the desk drawer of his Manhattan office for many years.

His reasoning was simple: ‘Everybody hates divorce lawyers, sometimes even their own clients,’ he said.

That animosity was on display earlier this week when police said an Arizona man — upset over his divorce nearly a decade earlier — went on a killing spree that left seven people dead, including himself.”

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It might be the most difficult time in one’s life; preparing for divorce. Anger can overcome rational thought and that is when danger can occur. Each party usually believes they have been wronged in one way or another. As a lawyer, the main job is to serve their client as best as possible. Even if that comes with risk.

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