How workers’ comp can affect a personal injury lawsuit

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“Most slip and fall cases are filed as premises liability claims. But if your accident happened at work, your employer’s workers’ comp coverage might actually bar you from filing a personal injury lawsuit.

In Minnesota, nearly all employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. That means most employees who get hurt on the job must file a workers’ comp claim in lieu of a personal injury claim.

Since workers’ comp only covers medical care, vocational rehabilitation, and a portion of lost wages, though, injured employees are inclined to pursue other avenues of compensation. Fortunately, there are scenarios in which employees may file a personal injury claim following a work accident.”

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There are certain scenarios where a personal injury claim can be made over a workers’ comp claim. Typically, this occurs when an employer’s workers’ compensation coverage is deemed inadequate. Also, if the injury was due to negligence by a 3rd party affiliate of the employer that could be grounds for a personal injury claim. Regardless of which option might be your best, you’ll need a skilled attorney to help guide you.

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