Child custody laws go unenforced in Texas

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“Records obtained by KFOX14 Investigates show there were more than 4,000 reports taken by the El Paso Police Department for child custody interference from 2016 to 2018.

Of those cases, 229 were presented to the district attorney’s office

Only 11 were indicted.

That’s just 5 percent of cases presented.”

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Unfortunately, child custody laws can be a tricky situation for law enforcement. Even when there is evidence that one parent is denying the other custody or visitation rights, there is no guarantee of a quick resolution. In the case of the jurisdiction of El Paso, TX, it seems unusually abnormal for such a small enforcement percentage. You might feel helpless as to what to do next. However, having an excellent attorney at your side will make the process easier.

At Krug & Zupke, P.C. we know have to navigate the difficulties that come up during child custody hearings. We will fight for your right to custody whether that is due to a lack of enforcement or if you’re seeking to change or make an arrangement. Call us at 651-645-7746 or visit our child custody page for more information.