Do men get an unfair disadvantage in divorce and custody disputes?

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“In America, more than 80% of custodial parents — the parent that kids live with most — are mothers. Is it harder for men to get a fair shake in custody cases involving children? Do laws and courts favor women because of a traditional presumption that women are better care-givers for children?

According to laws in most states, they’re not supposed to, says family law attorney Randall Kessler, author of ‘Divorce: Protect Yourself, Your Kids and Your Future.’ ‘But some judges may be old-fashioned and they might think the mom should have custody,’ he said.”

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Going through a divorce or custody battle is a difficult situation no matter what your gender is. However, there is often the perception that men are treated more harshly with the expectations that they should pay what is owed vs. a woman. In reality, a court order does not discriminate against gender. Although, it is true that some judges might be more sympathetic to old-fashion values in today’s society.

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