Claiming workers’ compensation for catching coronavirus at work

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First Things First

If you believe you’ve contracted COVID-19 at work, the first step in pursuing a workers comp claim is to notify your employer of that belief. Failure to timely notify your employer could result in the claim being permanently extinguished. After notifying your employer, the workers comp carrier will be contacted, and will need to investigate the claim and make a decision to accept, deny, or provisionally accept (accepted, but still needs to be verified) the claim, within 21 days. After this is done, it’s might be prudent to consult with a workers comp lawyer near you.”

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Perhaps the most important aspect of a situation like this is proof of contraction at work. This may be difficult because of how widespread the coronavirus has become. However, healthcare professionals and those who work in a hospital environment may have an easier time proving this point. Whatever the cause, make sure you contact a lawyer to review all of the available options.

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