Situations that are considered for child custody and visitation

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Who’s a parent the child has stronger emotional ties.

The child’s emotional health is equally important to their general health and wellness. Among all others, the court wants to identify which parent the child has deeper emotional ties with. This can be determined by taking into account who has more knowledge of the child’s interests, likes, etc., and who has the tendency to care for the child’s needs. The emotional tie also reflects the quality of the child’s relationship with their parents. The court determines which parent the child is more comfortable to be around.

The mental and physical wellbeing of parents.

Another important factor that determines who takes over the child’s custody is the physical and mental state of the parent. It goes without saying that the parent who is in a great physical and mental state is more capable of caring for their children and raising them. If a parent is suffering from a serious condition, such as depression, uncontrolled anger, or illness, he or she is likely to be bestowed with custody rights.

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Going to court for child custody is never an easy thing. If you’re seeking custody it’s important that you keep your composure and not let emotions take over. The best thing you can do is to gather all the evidence that proves why you would make a better fit as the custodial parent.

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