An ER doctor lost custody of her child due to coronavirus concerns

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“An emergency room doctor in Miami has temporarily lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter while she treats patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Theresa Greene told CNN’s “New Day” that she was appealing the emergency order that granted her ex-husband full custody of their daughter.

“I think it’s not fair, it’s cruel to ask me to choose between my child and the oath I took as a physician,” Greene said. “I won’t abandon my team at work or the patients who will increasingly look to me to save their lives in the coming weeks, but it’s torture.””

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The coronavirus pandemic has made co-parenting of divorced parents much more difficult. The court will always rule on behalf of what they think is the best course of action for the child. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily right or wrong. Those who are at the frontlines fighting the virus; doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are put in a very difficult position. Balancing family life with work priorities while trying to maintain safety is no easy task.

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