Work Injury Victim
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Work Injury Victim
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Workers Compensation Death and Dependency Claims

Dependency Benefits

Tragically, some workers compensation injuries are fatal. Families are permanently altered by the loss of income to the household. Minnesota Statute § 176.111 applies to such workers compensation deaths. Dependents have legal rights under the law which provide weekly wage loss benefits to the surviving spouse and minor children, or full-time students up to age 25. Construction accidents, COVID-19, chemical exposures, falls, machinery operation mistakes, truck and motor vehicle accidents each could result in death on the job.

Death Benefit

If the worker who died had no dependents, a minimum death benefit of $60,000 is payable to his/her Estate.

Third-Party Actions

In some cases, the death of the injured worker was caused by the negligence of a third party. This claim is governed by Minnesota Statute § 176.061. If this can be established, the Dependents may have additional claims for lost earning capacity and support.

The Importance of Early Investigation

Insurance companies recognize that death claims can have large values. They have “go” teams specially trained to obtain as much information as soon as possible after the accident. Therefore, it is essential that you call Krug & Zupke, (651) 645-7746, as soon as possible after the tragedy, so we can obtain access to law enforcement and medical records essential to properly handling the case.